About the blog

I am that merry wanderer of the night,
I jest to Oberon and make him smile… 

No, I’m not Robin Goodfellow. My name is Gedaly and I’m Bardaholic. I can’t live without Bardahol. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge from my addiction. I’ve been told I have a Golden Ear for Shakespeare.

This site was created, conceived and is maintained by me. I love Shakespeare, I want to share that love, and I got bored. That’s how this website was born. I don’t consider myself an expert, I don’t have a PhD in Shakespeare. But I read Shakespeare, I watch Shakespeare, I read and watch about Shakespeare, I act Shakespeare, and might start eating Shakespeare sooner or later. Why? I never got in to video games or sports… I need something to do.

The Bard Blog is an effort to solve on of the internet’s greatest problems. Viruses, spam, too many pop-up ads, Myspace, unwanted pornographic advertisements, Myspace, wanted pornograpic advertisements (not that porn is always a problem), and Myspace all put aside… the next big problem is a lack of entertaining Shakespearean scholarship. Wait! Did I just use entertaining and scholarship in the same sentence? Why yes I did! Thanks for asking.

You’re thinking that it sounds oxymoronic. Maybe even without the oxy. But people don’t study something because they want to be bored by it and bore others. It has to be out of enjoyment. Shakespeare is something that anti-bardite high school english teachers will expectorate upon unzealous students because they’ve been told to by the educational system. But studying Shakespeare isn’t just an enigmatic western tradition. He also happens to be a great dramatist!

To help you navigate the site, I’ll give you a little breakdown of the current categories:

  • News – News about this site, and new events/movies/products work checking out. Also included will be posts about Shakespeare related articles that I find in the news that I want to share with you and add my own commentary.
  • Quips and Quibbles – This is the places where rants and raves about anything Shakespeare will take place. Mostly about Shakespeare in general, a certain play, a portion of text I feel like talking about… it’s sort of a “whatever” category.
  • Product Reviews – I will post reviews of Shakespearean books, movies, and other products. Check here before you spend your money. If you have a product you think I should review, let me know!
  • Shakespeare Miscellany – Random Shakespeare related links, media, or other tidbits I felt like sharing. Humor, Trivia, whatever doesn’t fit in the other categories.
  • Speaking Shakespeare – I didn’t call this “Acting Shakespeare” for a few reasons. I’m not going to talk specifically about how to “get into character” or making yourself cry or “method” acting. Also, this section isn’t just for actors. It’s for those who need help understanding and using Shakespeare’s words. This section includes specific discussions on ways to bring Shakespeare’s text to life in the mouth of the speaker and the ears of the listener.
  • Word of the Day – this category is fairly self explanatory. Here I will be bringing to your attention a word you might not know, and some info and comments about it. It won’t necesarily be updated daily, but as often as I can.

With this website I aim to give you a sliver of enlightenment and maybe a chuckle or two every now and then.

Here let us breathe and haply institute
A course of learning and ingenious studies.

– The Taming of the Shrew (I.i)

And let my liver rather heat with wine,
Than my heart cool with mortifying groans.

– The Merchant of Venice (I.i)